All Across Africa: Crafting the Burundian Culture

Incredible work on development for Burundi.

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All Across Africa is venturing into Burundi, seeking opportunities to help empower and employ the citizens of this small East African country. Burundi rates 167 out of 177 countries in the Human Development Index (2008) with approx. 67% of its 10.16 million people living below the poverty line. AAA is looking to create sustainable business cooperatives, which allow the people to build their own businesses utilizing their traditional crafts and making them available to the global marketplace. Here are these people and their land.

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Yangon, relapse into the world

Travelling is demanding, yes, but the hilarity and awe that is can materialise from gruelling journeys is an accomplishment like no other. Currently experiencing post-14-hour-roller-coaster-come-train-journey trauma has sent my brain into a dizzying drunkardness which has also been exasperated by the lack of sleep. I picked up some beautiful trousers and strolled lazily around yangon’s lake before this complete thoroughfare of a journey.


Arriving home from an adventure that aimed to take you to the furthest ends of the planet fools you into thinking it may have been goalless. Wide awake and insanely jet-lagged at 4am has made me realise how far I have come on my personal journey, and how far the road stretches ahead of me. I am stronger than ever before, and even though the path is treacherous I have never lost faith in the goal standing surely at the end of the long road.

Travelling: Yangon, Myanmar

3rd day in Yangon, Myanmar. Settling in is a bland way to advocate the lively adventure of this. Time is very hearty and filling, a lot of ground can be covered in one day; it feels like ive spent the majority of my week in Yangon and a lifetime before imagining what it would be like. Shewadagon Paya allows serenity in the commotion of rapid city life, and leisurely wandering with breaks to allow passing showers helped me understand the Myanmar way; the city is alive all the time, however individuals seem to sit pondering what encompasses there mind from one moment to the next, achieving little in the hours of light.

Travelling: Yangon, Myanmar

2nd day in Yangon, Myanmar. The city is alive and bustling with the blare that Asian culture never fails to offer you. Sights sounds and smells combine to create the overpowering feeling that can only be associated with exploration and immersion into a different culture. Car horns of all pitches rattle the ear drums and a frenzy of colours hunger the eyes, smells of life and decay paint a spectrum within your nostrils. Every building you glance into offers you an unfiltered episode of someones life, completely different to yours yet connected in that moment; something that can only be fully realised when confronted with such a contrast.‏

Christina is my name, the world is my game. Not game exactly, but its there for me to learn from and expose myself to its sheer beauty.